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The Collection

又一新大楼即将问世, 夏威夷KAKAAKO 社区建设计划

海景/山景/城市景色 尽收眼底。  此大楼的位置就在 Ala Moana 购物中心 以及 夏威夷 Downtown 之间。  

地点方便 以及 不管是去看表演,买菜,逛街,散步等等 都是不错选择。

这栋大楼估计 2006 年底完成。  如果有兴趣的朋友 可以与我们联系 安排。  

一房一卫浴, 2房2卫浴, 或是 3房 2卫浴     

价格会比 SYMPHONY 那栋新大楼来的低一些, 不过还是一样属于不错的新大楼。

Three distinct residences. One amazing community. Much like an art exhibit, The Collection is made up of distinct pieces in a single setting. The 43-story tower, four-story mid-rise and one-of-a-kind urban townhomes combine to create an innovative new community, with some great traditional amenities and a few new and unique ones. Tower residents can enjoy the lap pool. Fix a bike or board in the community workshop. Work out in the gym or in one of the flex rooms where you can enjoy fitness on demand. Catch up with neighbors in the e-lounge. Or take your dog for a wash at the laundry mutt. Theres even an art gallery and neighborhood events boards in the lobby, the perfect place to spend time with friends and neighbors.


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Monday, January 18, 2021