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Saturday, 06 October 2018 15:27

Affordable vs Reserved 有什么不同呢?

很多人可能不太了解 Affordable Housing 和 Reserved Housing 的不同。  Reserved Housing 收入规定不可多过 一个区域中间收入的140% 而 Affordable Housing 是规定在 120% 内。


Affordable Housing 需求


1.  美国身份或是永久居民

2.  18岁以上

3.  夏威夷的居民

4.  自住

5.  在其他地没有拥有超过50%的房产产权

6.  可以贷款出来购买


请参考 120% 的区域中间收入是多少呢?



如上图指示    如果一家是2人 要入住那么一起的收入不能超过 111960美金一年。 以此类推。



Share Appreciation Equity


买Affordable 单位的买家- 因为价格比市场价格还低, 以后要卖时,会需要分一部分的增值给 HHFDC 机构 让他们以后继续提供类似的单位给社会。  通常这个增值分享的数字会在交房前拟定好 而且 不会再更改。


Buyback program


如果在10年内,屋主想卖Affordable 单位,屋主必须先给HHFDC机构优先购买权。  自住10内后这个条款也将终止。



首付要求?  通常是5%


需要了解更多? 或是想知道更多有关 新大楼的动向? 请按此联系





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Saturday, 06 October 2018 15:24

Central Ala Moana New Project Coming Up

Central Ala Moana


September 20, 2018



Samkoo Pacific LLC is planing on building its 2nd residential condominium building in Honolulu.  It is at the current Taste Tea Store location, located closely to Ala Moana Center as well as the new project Azure Ala Moana. 


Samkoo's Kapiolani Residence is about to be completed this year.  Central Ala Moana units will have larger floor plan as followed


Studios ~389-440 sq. ft.   may start about $280k
1-Bedrooms ~690-700 sq. ft.
2-Bedrooms ~990-1,100 sq. ft.
3-Bedrooms ~1,240 and 1,540 sq. ft.


The actual square footage is subject to changes by the developer.


It also has the affordable housing component to it so many people who desire the neighborhood has been quite excited about this project.


Amenities: Pool, Whirlpool, Children's Pool, Gym, BBQs, Party Room


contact us for more info today

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Wednesday, October 21, 2020