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Tuesday, 17 March 2020 13:46


目前夏威夷的政府參議院提出一個法案,希望透過此法案來禁止外國人購買夏威夷房地產以及對其地區哄炒房地產。  此法案將會禁止外國人購買超過5年以上的房地產。


夏威夷房地產,外國買家只在全部買賣中佔有3%的比例, 夏威夷房地產協會反對此法案。  他們認為此法案並不合乎美國憲法甚至有歧視的嫌疑。  有一位居民提出一個日本富豪在 1980年代 購買 200個房產在夏威夷的例子,然後又在 2000年購買 30個房地產.  大部分的房子都是空著。  不過我們認為限制外國人買房並不是最好的方式來讓夏威夷房產價格更親民化。  政府應該給開發商更多優惠並限制這些房地產是給本地人購買而不是限制所以外國人不能購買5年以上的房子。  


這個法令還需要再次投票協商,而夏威夷房地產協會也會極力反對此法案因為這個並不是最好的方式。而如果您是外國投資人, 如果喜歡夏威夷,請不要等待,今天就與我們聯繫了解。

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Thursday, 12 March 2020 12:41

全美房地產 2019 各州情況一覽

上面這個圖顯示:  2019 年各州的房產價格變動情況

美國 2019 年 房子價格平均有 3.9% 的成長, 夏威夷的房地產這是在這個平均數值之上


2020年 的 貸款利息 又一次創造新低 這個對於一直有計劃購買房子的朋友無疑是個不錯的機會。

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Wednesday, 04 March 2020 20:55

Plaza Hawaii Kai Apt 12


Plaza Hawaii Kai Apt 12- New Featured Listing



March 4, 2020



Hawaii Kai community is favored by many residents as well as investors because the environment is well developed for day to day living and for family to raise their kids.  It has lush green, mountain, ocean, marina, and more.  Hawaii Kai Plaza is one of the few condos that can be easily spotted as you drive along the Hawaii Kai Dr.   You can walk to buy groceries at Longs, Safeway, and Costco.  The theater is also nearby where one can go watch new movies without traveling to town.  Many good schools nearby so parents don't have to drive far to take their kids to school.   

 Townhouse apt 12 is a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath unit with enclosed lanai.  Its comfortable living space is enough for most of the family.  Enclosed lanai is currently used as his and her offices but can be used for other purpose as one sees fit.  The large sliding window provides a  picture like view for one to enjoy the tranquility and to appreciate the environment.  For more info please visit the dedicated page for Plaza Hawaii Kai Apt 12.


click here to read its MLS listing info


Here is a chart showing median price per square feet in this area.

$550/SF is the current median. 


If we take it into consideration and multiply it by 1440 SF of the Plaza Hawaii Kai Apt 12 interior space, it comes out to $727200.  Currently apt 12 is only priced at $688000.



Below is the chart showing the median sale price in this area over 3 year span.  As you can see it is not a bad time to try to get one with the historic lower interest rate.


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Wednesday, October 21, 2020